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Day Camp

Would you like to spend time at camp taking care of farm animals?

You get to choose your own animal-- miniature horse, llama, dairy goat or pygmy goat and own it for one week at camp

Things you will get to do and learn:

  • you get to name your own animal
  • learn about the animal
  • learn how to take care of it
  • how to feed 
  • learn basic nutrition & vet care
  • how to clean, groom and show your animal
  • end of camp party

Each day, you will learn with your animal, learn from animal experts, and much, much more...

At the end of the week at camp you will get to share and demonstrate what you have learned to your parents!

Sound like fun???

Well this is the camp for you!!!

Please take a look at the web pages for information on dates, times, location, costs, details, maps and most importantly your Registration Forms and deadlines....

Children 9 years and older only...
younger children will not be accepted
no exceptions! 

This page was last updated: March 1, 2017
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The availability of Pygmy goats is unknown at this time.  If you select Pygmy, please be certain to include a second choice.